Windows Internals 7th Part 2 is Vista

To Hell with Crash Dump, said the Redditors!

Windows Internals, 7th Edition, Part 2 (2021)

By shoving the new guy, the un-Microsoft-eus Charlie, after the great Steve Ballmer, they destroyed Microsoft. The infection did not stop there, and now, the books!

Once upon a time, "Windows Internals" by Mark Russinovich, was the best book on Windows. I started with the third Edition, aka "Inside Windows 2000". That was a good read. Every editions was an elucidation, uncovering the Windows internals. The books are very similar to "The Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System". Part I of the seventh edition of Windows Internal was the last volume on my desk. For a while, I was looking forward to publication of the second part of the book, which happened recently. The book is out of stock now, so I could not have the chance to buy a paperback.

I've never used Amazon and never will do. Also, I am not in business of free trials either. Therefore, I have ask a friend of mine, went to his home, and read the "Changes in Part 2" to the "Seventh edition". He is a Kindle kind of guy. Long story short I jumped on Introduction and Changes, and eventually I have encounter to this snippet pile of wisdom:

„Realizing that chapters on topics such as networking and crash dump analysis were beyond today's readers' interests, Andrea instead added exciting new content around Hyper-V, which is now a key part of the Windows platform strategy, both on Azure and on client systems. […]“

   ― Windows Internals, 7th Edition, Part 2 (Developer Reference)

Beyond the .Net and SoyBSD Cataclysm

Should I go on a rant? You got it! I will not. However, I have to say that I don't know who this character "Andrea Ionescu" is, but I smell a soy. "Crash Dump Analysis" is beyond today's readers' interests! Oh really, then you have bunch of stupid audience. Who is Andrea Ionescu and why is she there? What's that enought, C#, .Net, Hyper-V and the rest of crap, … ? Go watch some stupid videos on the net, but the whole point of system internal was system internal, and show rubbed it out of the picture.

I had the same feeling when SoyBSD shoved ZFS in both kernel and "The Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System", but at least, they did not remove the essentials out of the latter. Nevertheless, the book, i.e. "The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System" is all simping to FreeBSD by which renders it useless, for an OpenBSD user like me.

Back to Windows issue, "Crash Dump Analysis" was the 14th chapter of the 6th edition of Windows Internals part 2 which in part was a contribution by Scott Lee, Tim Shoultz and Eric Kratzer. Why does Windows crash and what the hell are we supposed to do with "stop code"? Well, the crash dump files to the rescue! In concert with "kd", of course. Is there anything more important than analysing a crash dump? I grant that, most of the time the dump is full of memory trash, but who cares! You are not always in the mercy of a dual PC, the target having booted in "debugging mode". Sometimes all you have is a crash dump aka a core dump, which evidently Andrea Ionescu won't understand.


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