Tab or Space

8-space Tab Means Law and Order, Said the Great Nebuchadnezzar II.

Why am I writing this rather long article? Because one hosting-provider which I rely on their services, to host some web-projects, rubbed out all their services and support for Perl language, i.e. no more Perl for me! However, it's not their fault. I've been using their shared-services for a long time, but as it happened, not so recently, almost every single men who too have been using their shared-hosting services, are now, either ‘PHP’ developers or ‘Python’ devs. Evidently, I was the last man opposing the darkness of Nyx, standing with Perl. No Country for Old Men, darkness is darting out, from depths of deep insanities.

I'm blame all these, the Perl-purge, on Python-devs. You know, those devs (that's how they're referring to themselves) who are confused about tabs, spaces and everything between the two, and beyond. So I'm mad, and I'll take my revenge on them by writing this article; an article on Python devs and everything that tastes like Python, e.g. using spaces instead of tabs. Avram Noam Chomsky smells like Python devs too, so I shall dedicate few paragraphs to Chomsky, post-Epilogue, to roast Chomsky worshippers, i.e. mainly Soydevs of Python-thumpers.

Some clarifications: Just before I began to write this article, I'd been wondering on whether to use ‘8-space’ or ‘8-spaces’. We say, for instance, eight ten-Pound banknotes, so I'll go with phrase ‘8-space tab’, when I'm referring to character ‘\t’ which denotes a total of eight(8)-column(s) in distance, preceding the current position of the cursor, after pressing TAB key, once.

Tab or Space Characters

If you're using anything but 8-space tab ‘\t’, you are an idiot. You shouldn't be near any mechanical, electromechanical, or electronic computational machines, at all. You are boring and defying the fundamental principles of cleanness and orderliness. You must be fed to the lions. Such glorious days were those days, and I, for one, missed those times. That's how, one shall deal with Redditors, those who keep bringing up that damn so-called debate of „tab or space characters“.

The Late Prologue of First Computers, aka Non-Feminist Women

It really does not matter whether a computer is analogue or digital, if you're using spaces, or some other methods of exotica tabulatio, e.g. moving by a total of 4 steps at a time, you too oughtn't to be anywhere, near the good old days computers, the real ones, aka women. In retro-era of computing and number-crunching of WW3, computers were not unanimated objects. The computers were both well and alive, connoting to breathing females of homo-sapiens, aka women.

Mind you, men and women are different type of animated stuff; not the same. I've felt a need, to mention and bring that obvious state of affairs up; just in case, if you're a Leftard, Atheos or both — which inductively speaking is more probable, who by mistake, or some bad odds of the day, has been landed on this glorious article, on BSDDOG. In the spirit of transparency, I should say that I hate both Atheos and Leftards. I tried, and tried to be merciful and tolerant towards them. However, I can't help it, it's in my nice-cut DNA.

Tabs or Spaces: the Difference Between the Two

Tab size, spaces and tab-stops, as a group of well-defined definiendums, are defined by some precise stipulative definitions. Characters, glyphs and code-points in one hand, spaces and the position of tab-stops, on the other, are not the same thing. Men who are familiar with tabstop, shiftwidth, softtabstop and expandtab are in a better position. However, I can't go through the entire concept of characters, glyphs and their representations, using different character encoding systems, etc. in this not very short, and rather pepper-ish paper which is going to deal with the non-problem of tabs or spaces, anyway. Maybe, later.

However, we can settle on this one: when I say spaces or space: I'm referring to the heinous practice of automatic replacement of tab characters with a set of spaces (4, 8, etc.), and when I say 8-space tab: I'm referring to the old fashion way of tabulating, i.e. to press TAB key once, which causes the cursor to jump, 8 characters to the right hand side of its current position. There's one tab character, but it looks like being filled with a total of 8 spaces, which by the way, is not the case. Probably, none of those makes sense unless, to be equipped with some backgrounds on ex(1), vi(1), or vim(1) text-editors. It's better to say, vi(1) users are already know those concepts; having made a virtue out of necessity.

Python And the Problem deMarcation of Tabs vs Spaces

There are different ways of doing things when one deals with computations. There is a cult, known as Python-devs: snakes-loving pearls-haters. They do things in a now-deprecated dodo-way of having things done. They are also responsible for the endless and tasteless debates on tabs vs spaces in Python. It's boring and makes me sick. Why tabs vs spaces debates weren't even a thing, in the Perl-era of computing? Forget it. It doesn't matter anymore. But why 2 or 4 spaces, instead of using an 8-space tab? What's with all those indentations? I say, Python was created, targeting the computing-illiterate men, who needed to do some computer-ish calculations.

You can find them in all humanities and social-science departments at universities. They used to use ‘R’, but now, they have moved to Python, creeping on their bellies like snakes. They have a mission: to solve the problem of tabs vs spaces! Humanities and social-science must be classified as junk-science. Still, in terms of classical definition of science, those disciplines are science, but let us face it: they're speculating about man and reality, but with no connections to the real world; of course, while professing otherwise. They are not going to solve any problems. The side-effect of the Dark Ages of Enlightenment knows nothing about men. We've already know that; since the days of the Sokal Hoax. The right tool for the job, their job, is Python, and in Python they trust!

Marcs as marks, they mark boundaries ugly, as ugly as Marx,
Python writes on space, like Karl, the smallpox.

Python, GIGO; Who Cares About Tab or Space!

Python is said to be an easy language to learn and write. Being good for little things, with the grace of the theory of probability and some statistics, as is the case, with all other languages too, you do stuff, they sound smart, but it is all GIGO.

Nearly everyone, who works outside of disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering don't know how to use and apply probability and statistics to anything at all. Probability and statistics are legitimate disciplines of dealing with the problem of inductions and games of chance. Mind you, just because some illiterates, who don't know how to use the tools, or are using them but, applying to a range of inapplicable areas, or even worse, purposefully cooking the books to bamboozle the public, that whole circus of clowns won't render a discipline as trash.

Python makes it easy to write quick drafts of garbage, hence, the emergence of multiple levels of indentations. That's why Python-devs need two-spaces, as a replacement for 8-space tab, i.e. they don't know anything about software engineering and coding. Then, they go on a rant of tabs or spaces, while writing spaghetti non-sense. Now, it makes a lot of sense.

Spaced Python: Too Feminine, Even for Tabart Island of Webdevs

I cannot stand them, and found most of them utterly unattractive. Some of them don't know, and never will learn how to talk to a woman. There, I was ratter harsh. Why? Because that composition is the typical of Soydevs anyway, Python included. Maybe that explains: why they constantly are virtual signalling, cooming to feminism and all the rest of those de-man-ing behaviours. They are begging for love. The sad story of men; especially, those fat ones. The unwritten history of β(ζ): most men die incel, while professing otherwise. It is very hard to be a man among real men, a β among roosters.

There is nothing worse than an incel Feminist man who tries to look nice and inclusive (such a chicken-shit word, frankly) to and in front of women. That is bad, but not as bad as being tone-deaf; but still bad! If you're into rap-crap, hip-hop or Jazz, then you're definitely a tone-deaf.

Python developers, or Python-dev — they're referring to themselves as devs! are very similar to JavaScript coders -- that is the correct characterisation: the coders. Those featherless bipeds are using biped spaces instead of regular way of putting spaces between two words.

Webdevs and web-designers are big on 2-4 space tabs. It is sick and looks crippled. They must have some reasons though, but first, I know and have mentioned it, but I do not care; and second, the big-word reason; as is the case for all types rationalisations, reasons are all summarily arbitrarily. That is the sole purpose of rationale and rationalisation anyway. Despite philosophers' opinions, and also, their emotionally disturb hissy fits, regarding rationality and rationale, rationale is just another crap concept with no connotations: an inbred of the Enlightenment.

Too feminine, too bald, they don't know how to use a sword.

Obsolescent Philosophy

Philosophy has been obsolescent since the end of Renaissance, starting from 1600. The Scientific Revolution is the fruit of Renaissance. However, later, both Renaissance and Scientific Revolution were crippled by retards of the Enlightenment, i.e. The Enlightenment. Speaking of retards, have you ever heard of „UNIX Philosophy“ cringe-ing phrase? That's a retarded one, too, with no connotations. UNIX doesn't have any Philosophy. UNIX is just an operating system. There are paradigms though. Do not use that phrase, UNIX Philosophy, you will look very stupid.

The Illicit Conversion of Tabs And Spaces By Black-Faced C

There are those black-faced C programmers, i.e. C++ developers. C++ is a trash language and no wonder, why many of C++ developers are so big on using 4-space tab, instead of acting like a normal human being, i.e. to use 8-space tab. C++ was a mistake, that's why abortion is not always a bad idea.

There is also a sub-class of Soydevs of broken-ports who act and look dumber than ugly Atheos Lev Davidovich Bronstein aka Trotsky. Those Soydevs tend to mix tabs, spaces and other things up. We all know we shouldn't take them seriously. Just ignore them. In the past, I encountered some of them, and they all were busy simping to I've just forgot whatever.

Tabs or Spaces in MAKEFILE

I'm glad make(1) and MAKEFILE still are there. Such a bless, they break legs of tab-illiterates. I love watching space-thumpers of Python valley of death, whining MAKEFILE keeps giving them an imposing fat middle finger. If you haven't noticed yet: I was kidding. Seriously (doing a Libtard accent!)? Python devs and MAKEFILE? What the hell! Are you kidding me? You've got the point, haven't you? Let's move on.

Tabs or Spaces in Code; The Right Way, By Fiat

I tip my hat to 8-space tab, but why 8-space tab?

I have three airtight arguments:

  1. Because I said so. That's always a good one.
  2. OpenBSD style(9) says: Indentation is an 8 character tab. Second level indents are four spaces.
  3. It universally remains neat, clean, and precise among different OSes, programs and editors.

On My First Argument, And the Rationale Behind Soydevs

The first argument is the one, which you have to present, whenever are dealing with some raving busybody from Predditors, Discord or other cocoons of insanity. However, to make it more formal than it was, let's say, the first one is unconditionally valid, from both Boolean --- Venn-ian is more accurate, and Aristotelian interpretation of self-righteous propositions, regarding existential imports of:

I like it, thus it must be true.

You may think that the paragraph above sounds gibberish. But folks(!) here's the deal: I just wanted to be inclusive and to embrace the herd of Redditors. I wanted Redditors feel comfortable. Have you ever had the displeasure of being in a conversation or debate with a stupid low-IQ Atheos Soydev from the Redditors-network? They are big on fallacy of fake-fallacies, i.e. being made-up in their basements, dressed-up as fallacy non-fallacies. The Wikipedia syndrome!

The 2nd Reason: OpenBSD 4-Spaces Second Level Indents

Here, the problem is not spaces or tabs itself, but there is a limitation on fitting one line, in 80 columns. Therefore, to break lines up to the 80th column or less, there must be some compromises. Mind you, „Second level indents are four spaces“ in OpenBSD is not an actual indentation. You do not indent anything. You break something long. That's all.

It is not as if, it is an indentation between some conditional keywords, such if and their relative statements or block of statements, being contained between two opening and closing curly brackets. There, you use 4-spaces to break a long line up, in order to be able to fit the entire line, in an 80-column boundary. So, there's no inconstancy there. I'm telling this, because I was asked by someone, regarding OpenBSD position on src/ and style(9). Again, it's a consistent style of coding.

The III Reason

Finally, the third reason: universally, 8-space tab is de facto understanding of concept of horizontal tabs, since the reign of Hammurabi. You have been warned: Hammurabi is tough, a man of law and order. I rest my case, you should do the same. He has no mercy, and it was good.

Take care, and stay mad.

On Soyboy David Hume and Fake-Fallacies

Fake-fallacies have been being conjured-up by Redditors, since the dawn of cocoon of Redditors subculture, aka the Enlightenment. The men of the age of Enlightenment were the first Redditors. David Hume was one the first Redditors that I am aware of. It is tempting to give the title, i.e. the first Redditor insignia, to Philo of Alexandrea, but he's already famous for being the first Sophist, aka the first bullshit-artist charlatan that has been recorded in history.

If Philo of Alexandrea and David Hume were still alive, they would have been top influencers on Redditors-cocoon and Discord channels. They both reminds me of degenerate Vaush: bullshit-artist, charlatan, and above all: repulsive.

Argumentum ad Verecundiam is a Fake-Fallacy

There is no such fallacy as „Argumentum ad Verecundiam“. Unqualified or non-unqualified, they don't matter. Soyboys of Redditors think Argumentum ad Verecundiam is a fallacy, of course with regard to the qualification of an authority. They think it is fallacy because, first, they are dumb, second, these things happen when one learns logic merely, by reading Wikipedia and blog-posts on the Internet. Wikipedia is the number one source of both disinformation and misinformation on the Internet, and dare to say, throughout the entire history of mankind.

It is impossible to figure everything out by yourself. Do so, if you like, but I can't go round evaluating and reproducing every single theories and laws of nature. I have more pressing affairs attend to, e.g. to pet a cat! Scientific consensus is a hoax, but trust is the key. For example, I trust physicists and biologists on Newtonian Laws and Evolutionary biology, respectively. If it would turn out they were turd-ize-ing the public, then I shall distrust them at once. The same goes for technologies, such as OpenBSD. I trust their judgment on a range of different issues. On the other hand, I don't trust FreeBSD, Apple or DuckDuckGo. It's all about respect and trust. OpenBSD has earned it. FreeBSD lost it.

8-Space Tab, But Still Soydevs, i.e. FreeBSD

OpenBSD says 8-space tab, then it is 8-space tab. Full stop. If I want to know the best way of doing task α, whether it's to choose software or to use a paradigm, then I would investigate how OpenBSD fellas are dealing with task α, or something similar. That is always a good heuristic.

Mind you, although OpenBSD and FreeBSD, both share the same postfixal initial-letter abbreviation ‘BSD’, but they are completely different bags of codes. The former, i.e. OpenBSD is a professional and highly regarded mature research UNIX-ish operating system which has been being maintained by High-IQ homo-sapiens adults. However, the latter, i.e. FreeBSD, is an empty sack of bloated DEI-oriented SJW-friendly blob of codes which has been being perpetuated by bunch of Soydevs of broken ports to the public.

Augmented with pronouns, FreeBSD Soydevs are busy on Twitter changing their flags, while stalking and taking screenshots of their own private conversions with each other! They are also cooming to Twitter, and often share the latest talking point of some degenerate incel Bolsheviks who they've recently found on Twitter or some other shithole.

Rather off-topic but, few weeks back, there was a conversation between the woman in charge of FreeBSD Foundation and some guy from FLOSS Weekly. It was utterly boring and uninformative, as one would expect. In short: such an embarrassment; unbelievable! Do not waste your time watching that crap.

Early Epilogue

Why rants, instead of showing some codes, configurations, and actually comparisons? It's all very simple. Do an STFW, and there will be hundreds of few originals and also tones of copy/pasted articles and blog posts, generated by both men and machines. Those machine generated trash! Why do I have to pollute the Internet even more? The Internet has been turned to a pile of trash of machine-generated stuff, copy/pasted materials by men, and ... all being caused by SEO-thumpers of post-apocalypse. To be frank, it's all about:

My opinion is better than yours contest, dressed-up as some logical, statistical or probabilistic arguments.

Tab-Space REGEX of Aristotelian Existential Import of Chomsky Everywhere

Finally, the epilogue! … Regular expressions as a thing has its root in mathematical logic ― some are calling it symbolic logic, and concepts of languages, symbols, and expressions. I have heard some bugmen of Redditors are under impression that it has something to do with ugly Atheos Avram Noam Chomsky. It ain't! While dismissing their semantical connotations; expressions and syntactical systems of evaluating strings of symbols, in a formal system is older that Avram Noam Chomsky. I do not know why some men are making such sheep up.

What is the need for worshiping a creepo like Avram Noam Chomsky? That's beyond me. You cannot shove-in Chomsky wherever you want. Hey Redditors! Stop importing Avram Noam Chomsky in every single propositions you've ever found. It is dumb and makes you look very stupid.

REGEXS are unmerciful when it comes to tabs and spaces. Mix weird things (tab+space) up in codes and REGEX will break your legs. Such a soothing sounce that'll be; cute! REGEX is right when it says: tabs and spaces are not created equal. That shall be a good heuristic for life, everywhere.


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