Brave Search is Trash

6 reasons not to use Brave for search.


We've already established that DuckDuckGo is trash. In short: the freako behind DuckDuckGo is a weirdo named Gabriel Weinberg. Beside that stupid look on his face, he trims the search result, anywhere and anytime he wants. He's a Soydev and a charlatan. Manipulating the search result, That's what he said. Of course he doesn't do that by his own hands; his machine do all that stuff. People are trying to move on, and use Brave Search as an alternative to DuckDuckGo. However, there is some problem. Anyway, that creepo CEO of DuckDuckGo makes me to vomit on my boots, pray let's move on and start off with 6 reasons why you mustn't use Brave for searching the web:


First and foremost, it doesn't properly show me my personal website, but the others, e.g. Yandex, Google, and Bing do. Well, that's the end of it. There's something wrong with the entire logic behind the design of Brave Search code. A very quick look will show you that Brave is mimicking DuckDuckGo. But in some cases — BSDDOG for example, it's even worse. We all know that DuckDuckGo is one the worst Search Engine ever, even worse than Bing (not really!). Now, you can imagine the states of affairs of Brave Search, i.e. worse that both Bing and DuckDuckGo. You doesn't show my stuff, Okay! Get lost then.

II. Brave Search Dark Theme

I was one of those who has been using #000000 everywhere since the dawn of Windows 3.1. Whenever I was installing Windows, and later FreeBSD and OpenBSD, changing all things to black was a moral duty of mine. From Backgrounds to window-managers' theme, I mean everything. On all desktops, my favourite background was colour #00000. If the system wasn't smart enough to set the colour of background via colour codes, then I had to make things right by using a simple, but pure image file, painted all in pitch-black. I won't put garbage on my desktop. It's not a zoo.

But few years back, some Predditors aka Redditors started to do the same, i.e. going full black, but not pitch-black. In the past, I has been being mocked merely due to the fact that background and theme of all machines under my control were black. But now all of a sudden, Soydevs are keen on #000000 too. Bunch of clowns!

However, these so-called Dark-themes from Soydevs of broken-ports are ugly and above that: they're eyes-unfriendly. To put it in simple words, all dark theme sucks. Dark themes are trash. Brave Search is default-ed to an ugly dark-theme, and that's the second reason why I quit using Brave Search.

III. Brave Search Set Language

Brave Search sets its default language, according to your IP-range, which is dumb. If you're using both Incognito-Mode, aka the Private-Mode and also, some sort of VPNs or proxy servers, then you know what's the fundamental problem with that approach. I consider that a bad-policy which underlines such stupidities. Again, and as it has been mentioned above, setting the units of measurement based upon supposedly IP-range of probably arbitrary is a dumb move. Whether it's the default language, or the preference of units of measurement, it really doesn't matter. The point is that every single time you have to go through that stupid setting-panel and change this or that. And that leads us to the following point:

IV. Brave Search Setting Fluctuation

Flipping the „Anonymous Local Results“ button refreshes the page. Switching the „Units of measure“ is also F5 the page. Same goes for nearly every other setting on Brave Search Setting page. The reason behind such decisions is understandable, but I hate it. Google and Bing won't do that. Brave Search and DuckDuckGo do. I say, screw both of you.

V. Brave Search Setting Icon

I hit the TAB key, again and again. But it's not clear, whether I'm on the Setting Icon or not. I don't use mouse, touchpad, or any other Soy-ish tools. Therefore, my daily work on a web-browser depends on the magnificent functionality of TAB key. While I'm repeatedly hitting the SHIFT+TAB combination to reach at the top of the page, Brave page skims the entire shebang of mini-toolbar of „Location“ and „Custom-range“. Did I tell you that it also forgot to show the topmost part of All/Images/etc. section? Now I did. It's all very creepy and frustrating.

VI. Brave Search Footer

Putting a big fat footer at the bottom of a search engine is absolutely cringe. It doesn't make sense at all… it's all utter distraction. I push the key combination of END and TAB, hopping for landing on „Next“ and/or „Previous“ buttons at the bottom of the page, and what all I get is a fat-footer. What's the point of such design? I don't know. Fix the damn „Next“ and „Previous“ buttons, and make it easier to navigate through next/previous results. Meh! Just do whatever you want to do. Never mind, I've already given up.

Stay Mad.


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