Swapping a Junkie With a Russian Man

It sounds like a good deal!

Beside the fact that I've noticed she's wearing a cow-ring like a cow, I have to say I don't know anything about Viktor Anatolyevich Bout. But I've heard that Brittney Griner is a junkie, and also a drug-trafficker, i.e. a degenerate criminal.

Papers of shitholes, world-wide and too united, are all over the ginger Brittney Griner, glorifying the story of a convicted-trash, a junkie, a drug-trafficker.

Time, the toilet-paper of choice, has put the picture of Griner-Junkie on its cover. Translation:

TIME's new cover: Brittney Griner aka a criminal, i.e. the role model for next generation.

Reuters do what Reuters do, stating obvious: Kremlin says no agreements yet […], Read my lips. BBC is calling her a star!

Here's 'the news': stars are comprising of plasma with massive gravity. So — I'm doin' my Libtard accent of Silicon Valley … So — for sure, she's so big, so she possesses so-so massive amount of gravity, but in this part of the town, stars are in the sky, and they are beautiful. She's a criminal. She's not a star. Stars don't wear eye-glasses, by the way. Maybe she's a 'start' as an engine starter in an old 'three on the tree' motorwagen, though. Who knows, but I bet fact-checkers are all over it.

To be a Fact-Checkers or not to be a Fact-Chess-er, that's the question.

Bloomberg is dumb, but not as dumb as CNN, FOX and the rest. Therefore, it says: Prison Swap, not dying stars captured by the glorious James Webb, supernova or whatever.

Recently some joulous were whining that we have to change James Webb name to SoyWeb or something else. Not so recently, I've discovered that I don't care what has been said by some, recently.

CNN is parroting FOX; FOX is parroting CNN. Pāce wisdom of Predditors of Reddit and Twitter, they are the same. Actually, CNN and FOX are buddies.

A guy that goes by the handle of "Mr. Blinken" was on the New York Times page, explaining to the public: put a substantial proposal on the table weeks ago. There are men and women in the South who are having problem putting food on their tables. They should consult with Mr. Blinken. Evidently he knows all rules of tables.

And now; I'm talking, and I, for one, am not going to glorify junkies and drug-traffickers. Never. I never used any kind of drugs, and never will do. That'll be the day. I rather be dead. I hate junkies. I hate drug-traffickers and drug-dealers more. Drug-trafficking is a capital crime, and nation-states should change their laws to reflect that very fact. Drug-related crimes are capital crimes, exactly the same as first-degree murder and rape.


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