Steven Pinker Monkey Business and UNIX

The tale of Steven Pinker, a story-teller with a bad hair-cut.

I was reading two boring articles or blog posts! which were posted by Mr. Hair-Cut, the fake scholar Steven Pinker. For the sake of citing, providing reference and all those kind of now-no-longer-shenanigans, here's 2 links 4 U 2 those 2 postΘ! or whatever:



Onward …

Ken Thompson is sitting at his desk, using his brain which is located in his skull, to build an Operating System in three weeks.

„At some point I realized that I was three weeks from an operating system.“

   ― Ken Thompson

Predditors, and groomers of Twitter

The brain, that's the keyword. The very thing that Steven Pinker loves to talk about … a lot. Steven Pinker too have a brain in that box of his; his skull. There's one exception though. There's always at least one. It's wrong to say: there's always two sides to a story, because there's always many sides to a story. His side of story is that he also has a brain, but an undeveloped one.

Not all brains are created equal. When you don't have money you are always chatting about stocks and market. When you're dumb you're talking about intelligence. Talking a lot. Steven Pinker is one hell of accomplished-nothing kind of guy. He loves to talk about artificial intelligence (AI), IQ (brain-stuff!) and intelligence (idem.). Stevie Pinkie is Newton of herd of Normies on Reddit, aka Redditors.

Recently, we've discovered that Redditors have a new name: Predditors. There's also bunch of groomers on Twitter. Don't worry, people will find a brand new, but suitable name for Twitter very soon too.

Ken Thompson Needs an Editor

„Will future deep learning models with more parameters and trained on more examples avoid the silly blunders which Gary Marcus and Ernie Davis entrap GPT into making, and render their criticisms obsolete?“

   ― Steven Pinker

Ken Thompson needs an editor, an assembler, and a kernel overlay. He is about to start. While he's thinking about how to accomplish those tasks … in three weeks, Pinker continues:

„It depends very much on the question.“

   ― Steven Pinker

To be a question or not to be a question. Pinkie does what every single intellectual since dark ages of Enlightenment are doing. They think about talking and talk about thinking, while producing nothing. That's all they have. That's all they do. They are story-tellers. They've hijacked the Renaissance. They pretend that they are part of the game. However, again, the question is: how should an intellectual-yet-idiot pander to his dumb audience? Hmmm that's a good question, or as I've already stablished previously, there's no such thing as a good question. Stevie continues; doing its Monkey Business …

UNIX Is Not A Monkey Business

„There’s the cognitive science question of whether humans think and speak the way GPT-3 and other deep-learning neural network models do.“

   ― Steven Pinker

Ri….ght? um….um… Right! Another dull statement, but this one is the winner. It has the ultimate sales-pitch of the 21th century: "cognitive science". Typical audience of Steven Pinker are in full-attention mode now. They are logged-in as a root: UID 0.

… hey man! he said "cognitive science". so … like …. like …. so he's going to say some important stuff, man! Let's tune-in … man … AWESOME! we're very excited….

At AT&T Bell Labs, Thompson is working through his blueprint. His wife went on a three-weeks vacation. She's having a trip to Thompson's parents. Thompson is a normal man. He's both intelligence and also has a functioning family. "Family", the very thing that Modernist like Steven Pinker hate the most. Thompson hasn't got enough time to think about talking and talk about thinking. He's a well-accomplished kind of guy. He's a real engineer:

„One week, one week, one week, and we had Unix.“

   ― Ken Thompson

Pinker continues:

The Engineering Question

„And there’s the engineering question of whether the way to develop better, humanlike AI is to upscale deep learning models (as opposed to incorporating different mechanisms, like a knowledge database and propositional reasoning).“

   ― Steven Pinker

Blah blah blah!

You see; that's typical of intellectuals. They're dumb and talk about stuff … a lot. They talk and talk. Greeks used to call them "Sophists". Intellectuals, those anti-Renaissance men who hate Greco-Roman world with every single bones in their bodies. They talk about physics, maths, engineering ….

They have a Satanic desire for being called a renaissance-man. But they are not. They were born dumb. That hurts. They always have 'at least' one answer for every questions. Story-tellers always have a story to tell you. Detailed stories with an exact and calculated time-table, about everything, about their lives and lives of others, … past and the future. W8 a moment! Past? Yes. "Past": another key-point, and also the "future". There's a constant theme: nothing for "now" … none for present. Why? Because they haven't got any. And now, that reminds me of … I'm thinking about 'Eric Weinstein'. Another dump of those kind of guys, another story-teller.

„The number of UNIX installations has grown to 10, with more expected.“

   ― The UNIX Programmer's Manual, 2nd Edition, June, 1972.

UNIX is out there in the wild. Engineers have built a real working-machine. Yes, that's correct. Software is also a machine. Time goes and Stevie Pinkie Wonder is still talking. Wandering from this tweet to that blog-post. He's talking engineering, brain-stuff, AI, this or that. However, he didn't build anything, let alone the Unix.

He didn't build or discover anything. He and people like him, like Eric Weinstein are just telling stories about big-stuff, e.g. physics. But there's no F=ma-style of things in their pockets. They love to be next Bach or Newton, but they can't. It won't happen. They want to be called talented geniuses. However, they aren't.

Nevertheless, they are not too stupid, as stupid as libtard stupid, to the degree that not be able to understand they're not talented geniuses. They know they aren't Bach and never will be a Newton. To be a Bach or a Newton you have to be born a Bach or a Newton. No university, DIY course or self-helping book would build a Newton out of a Normie like Steven Pinker or Eric Weinstein. Talent is a "I was born that way" kind of stuff. Sorry about that! Pinker knows that. Weinstein knows that too, and Tim Dillon was right when he was mocking Weinstein bros:

„Is there anything they've done? Because all they do is talk. Is there even an appliance they've built? Is there one thing they've done except whack off Elon Musk and talk?“

   ― Tim Dillon


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