On Steven Pinker and SJW – Phoenix I

Steven Pinker on Nature Human Misbehavior.


This short article is part of a larger set which I will be posting on BSDDOG, under title Phoenix. Phoenix has one purpose: to debunk the Enlightenment and Modernity.

Steven Pinker reminds me of utter bone-headed monks. I have the same feeling for nearly every single Enlightenment-thumper who I have ever encountered. I do not trust him, but I will keep an eye, on him and people like him, those Modernists, the Enlightenment-thumpers. He, and men like him are the prime reason, why Europa is sinking down into the deepest of river Styx.

Nature Human Misbehavior

Steven Pinker shared „Nature Human Misbehavior“ article on his Twitter account, and augmented it with some of his remarks. Here's links to the article and Pinker's comment:



There is nothing much to discuss, not in the article, nor in Pinker's comment. I'm more interested in Pinker. In short, typical whining about SJW, which can be summarised as: change is good, but change is bad, folks said: change, but no, that's too much change; Change Lives Matter. They have created SJW and now, they are whining about it. The Enlightenment-thumpers are walking contradiction, but that is okay. Not everyone is or can be Bach, Werner Heisenberg, or Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. To sum it up:

Stipulative Definition of All Classical Terms

The slippery slope, from the rejection of traditions (via Enlightenment), to Stipulative definition of all Classical terms, e.g. science; SJW is not contradictory to the entire process of destruction of Civilisation at all. Own it, and blame that on the Enlightenment and Modernity. But no, they never will!

WASP (US/UK) conservatives, aka hypocrites, will tell you that they would undo the trend, but it is never going to happen. They are also part of the problem, and the problem has a name: „the Enlightenment and Modernity“. The abomination of DEI, SJW, etc. will continue to destory everything, all the way down to Hades, until reaching to its logical extreme, the conclusion, i.e. to throwback us, and all things good, with and by us, to pre-Renaissance. Palæolithic is the goal, and that's exactly what Enlightenment-thumpers are fancying.

There's never been such a thing as Dark Ages of Medieval, not in Europe, nor in Near East. However now, and thanks to stupidity of retards, i.e. Enlightenment and Modernity-thumpers, soon enough there will be one, a real Stygian Ages, at least in Europe and then, all over the planet. Stupidity is not the only motive behind the fanfare motif of destruction of Civilisation. Some of Enlightenment-thumpers really do hate the Civilisation.

The Enlightenment and Modernity: An Anti-Renaissance Movement

The Enlightenment was the anti-Renaissance movement since the day one, in every sense of the word. There were historians, like Herodotus, and there are charlatans like Howard Zinn. Charlatans tend to draw imaginary lines in history, merely for their own political purposes. One of the most deceptive of those lines is the line, that shows a process, a transformation from Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo to the Enlightenment and Modernity era. While post-Renaissance may or may not contain Baroque and Rococo, as a period of special forms in art, architecture, and music, but one thing is very clear:

Pick any history books and read it thoroughly. There is Renaissance, and there's the Enlightenment. They are different, but the theme is constant. Apparently, according to modern historians, everything empirical, good and cosy, from mechanical machines to steam engines and electronics are all fruits of mind of Enlightenment men. They draw that line of trend, and it's very simple, because they can and continue to do so. They are selling an idea to the public, that there was α, then β, and after that γ, therefore everything γ is the direct descendent of β. „The Whig interpretation of history“. They are doing that, and public in large, will always buy their story. Scams are delicious.

Phoenix I – to be continued …


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