Leftards Hate Amish

Who Would Pick on an Amish Family: Only a Degenerate Leftard.

Mennonites, Hutterites, Amish, … it doesn't matter; if you have family, if you're protecting children from Diabolus, then:

you will be targeted by minion of Diabolus, aka Leftards.

Amish, the beauty of Europa, men and women from Deutschland and Switzerland, Old Order Amish Mennonite … STFW, but this is all you have to know: they just want to be left alone. But no! the degenerate Leftards wouldn't agree with that. Assisted by that most disloyal traitors, Leftards hate you and your family and children to their bones.

This time, the herd of low-IQ busybodies of Twitter are picking on Mennonites, Hutterites, and Amish. There is one good heuristic to consume:: always confront bullies and thug, otherwise, the next time they will rape your neighbourhood. Sleep shall neither night nor day.

Who neither beg nor fear, Amish don't want any of your politics. They hate your system of economy, the strange images of death. They have their horse and buggy. Like Dutch farmers, Oi farmers, a word, I pray you. They've done an opt-out from your retarded social and global contracts, of the imperial theme treaties, don't want to be part of your system of internal-relations of fakers.

They're happy with their families, humility in their families, sticking to 'Ordnung', they despise your shenanigans. Not against the use of nature, Their men are still: real men, wear broad-brimmed hats, in black. Their women wear bonnets. Everyone knows how beautiful blue eyes match with fair-haired men and women of once brave traditional orthodoxy. The magic which Leftards hate the most.

No trash, no phone, let alone retard-phone, I'm talking about your smart-phones. Growing their food, they needn't electricity. They just want to be left alone. No sign of degeneracy, better known as modernity. They're not like your typical trash of Instagram: they forbid photos of themselves be taken, by themselves, you or any busybody, crawling out there on their bellies.

Musical instruments are forbidden, I don't like that though, but understandable. Some traditions ban Musical instruments, there is a very good historical reason. Maybe more about that later. But I'm not a busybody, I'm not a Leftard. Shakes so my single state of man that function, I say: more power to Amish. No involvement in politics, they're pacifists. I'm not pacifist either, and that's a recipe for destruction of nations and The Civilisation. But, again, Amish hasn't hurt anybody, so let not light see my deep desires. More power to you.

Leftards Are Picking on Mennonites, Hutterites, Amish, … Everybody!

Men and women. Family and farming. That's all. That's beautiful. But that hurts … not them. That hurts the enemy of nations. That disturbs the enemy of people. That triggers the enemy of traditional orthodoxy and religion. That hurts Leftards.

Leftards, with their sad eyes, sunken in their undeveloped skulls … Leftards hate you, your family and your way of life; they hate civilisation, religion and the very structure of societies. Leftards attack family and your heritage. They don't want to see, don't want to hear, Leftards can't control the rage that flows from them. They can't stand you. They are jealous; they know you're better than them. You must be born degenerate to be a Leftard.

Regular men and women won't coom to garbage of homo-sapiens, to Karl Heinrich Marx or Lev Davidovich Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky. Leftards hate watching your children are playing on the grass, when you're having dinner with your family. They hate to see youngers men and women are taking care of elderlies.

No one is immune to hate that flows from Leftards. Infectious, they feed on it. They hate you and everything about you … because they don't have any of those. Deep down, they know, they never will have any of those. There are jealous. Leftards are born soul-less, and not every one have a soul. They are jealous. Leftards hate life. Leftards Hate Amish.


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