Ban and Boycott.

The list of things, which I do not use and encourage you not to use either. The names on the list are not in alphabetical order, but collected in seperate classes, according to the mood of the day. In some case, they may be augmented with some short explanation too.

There are many reasons why I put a thing or an entity on the list, and are ranging from those who spread degeneracies and anti-nation propaganda, to things that I just hate. Ban and Boycott is cute … the reinforcement of morality. To sum it up:

The right to freedom of speech, expression, and assembly is over-rated.


  • Hollywood, Disney, Netflix, Pixar — anti-nation
  • FreeBSD, Apple, Amazon, Cisco, IBM
  • FreeBSD Foundation, FSF, OSF, W3C
  • CNN, FOX, BBC, VOA, DW, Breitbart, WaPo, NYT, DailyWire, etc.


  • Sam Harris — atheos, charlatan, junkie, braggart, cringe.
  • Jordan Peterson — atheos, charlatan, braggart, cringe.
  • Richard Dawkins — atheos.
  • Dinesh D'Souza — atheos, charlatan, cringe.
  • Eric Weinstein — atheos, psyop, charlatan, braggart, cringe.
  • Bret Weinstein — atheos, psyop, charlatan, braggart, cringe.
  • Dave Rubin — EXTREMELY LOW-IQ.
  • Bill Nye — charlatan, clown cringe.
  • Michael Shermer — atheos, charlatan, cringe.
  • Noam Chomsky — atheos, charlatan, braggart, cringe.
  • William Lane Craig — atheos, charlatan,cringe.
  • Bill Maher — atheos, charlatan, junkie, clown, cringe.
  • Jon Stewart — atheos, charlatan, clown.
  • John Oliver — atheos, charlatan, clown, cringe.
  • Steven Pinker — atheos, charlatan, braggart, cringe.
  • Christopher Hitchens — atheos, charlatan.
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson — atheos, charlatan, braggart, clown.
  • Gad Saad — atheos, charlatan, braggart, clown, cringe.
  • Sean Hannity — atheos, psyop, charlatan.
  • Ben Shapiro — atheos, psyop, charlatan, braggart, clown, cringe.
  • Jack Posobiec — atheos, psyop, charlatan.
  • Ian Miles Cheong — atheos, psyop, charlatan.
  • Candace Owens — atheos, psyop, charlatan.
  • Sarah Silverman — atheos, charlatan, junkie, clown, cringe.
  • Alex Jones — psyop, clown.
  • Bari Weiss — atheos, charlatan, cringe.
  • Brian Greene — atheos, braggart.
  • Howard Zinn — atheos, charlatan.


  • Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk
  • Jazz, Blues, Soul, New-age, Reggae


  • DEI, CRT, CoC, OES
  • Modernism, Postmodernism


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