Ad Hoc

ad hoc metaphorical substrate of infinitus simia theorema.

ad hoc Epilogue

Pāce Normie-believe, most software engineers, developers and all those so-called coders are not very smart, which implies an IQ-score of, about and below the norm, and that is fine by the way; it's what Hollywood is looking for. Hollywood is a for-stupid by-stupid trash-producing anti-nation operation.

And by norm, I meant something above 110. The numeral 111, and the number which is connoted by the numeral, both look nice. I have picked that number because why not. We have been told progress is good. Therefore, 111 is better than 100. Beside, 111 is both PTZ (Perfekt totiente Zahl) and „perfetto totiente“.

But what about all those stories about high-IQ score in the discipline of computer and software engineering? We have all heard about it, haven't we? That's correct, but they are typical of computer-scientists, logicians, and mathematicians. Some of them are students (Ph.D. programs), and some of them are not (Autodidacticism). These days, the latter, i.e. Autodidacticism is the superior way of learning and mastering things; considering the Libtard-Dumbocracy infiltration of academia, nearly everywhere on this planet; destroying everything.

Those men with high scores of IQ are different from typical software engineers and coders on the Internet, i.e. those who are busy on Twitter: virtue signalling, changing flags, standing with this, hating that, and so forth; hence, Soydev-related stuff. However, most engineers and also, a rather large sub-class of engineers and coders in disciplines of computer and software engineering, those who are also known as Soydevs are good at one thing and one thing only. The very thing that normal people, including mathematicians and logicians suck at it:

Working non-stop, solving mediocre problems in an ad-hoc fashion, for the rest of their lives.

That is a talent. There are hundreds of thousands software, ports and revisions which need their attentions. One may think that every single one of them is some sort of innovations, which is incorrect. Alternatively, to express that phrase, in a logical manner of raising my sonorous voice, deep from Styx, down under stygian Hades:

It's not the case that all balls of tars are innovations.

Atheos Avram Noam Chomsky

Somebody came with the idea of screen-editors and now there are hundreds of different screen-oriented text-editors in which none of them is being considered as innovations, and should never be considered either. The first ones are always different stories. Yes, those are innovations.

Soydevs of broken ports all have a fetish for Atheos Avram Noam Chomsky, the man who thinks the war in Syria has been caused by The Global-Warming! Few years back, I heard that some idiot was ranting that: REGEX is here because of genius Avram Noam Chomsky! Well, the Soydev in question was not aware of the fact that the concepts of language, symbols and expressions were part of 101 of mathematical logic and formal languages, long before the existence of over-rated Atheos clown, Avram Noam Chomsky.

It has always been a good heuristic that if a man is keen on Chomsky, then the man is not a man, he is a Soyboy. It is better to ignore such idiots all together. Most of them are vicious and dangerous. And now, I am addressing Soydev people:

α 2 Ω of ad hoc

Porting program α to machine β, fixing bug γ, and in-disguise, forking that as program δ, sending the result on GitHub is not innovation. That is just porting and bug-fixing, sugar! Rewriting utility ε from language ζ to language η is not an innovation either; and the same states of affairs with documentation translation too. Translation of already good-enough documentation to your mama-language, let us say language θ, the language which no one bothers to use, as a working language for reading documentation, is not an innovation. … ad-hoc …

Developing website θ using framework ι and API κ makes you a web-designer, not an innovator. In addition, watching video λ, on how to use utility μ on OS ν, to batch-scan already-being-hacked website ξ is not PoC ο either, and definitely, it does not make you a genius either. Most of the work around the gigantic machine of thousands-ports, on the land of never-used software repos, demands passion, not a high-score of IQ. Solution π to an already has been solved problem ρ on system σ, in concert with problem τ on machine υ, i.e. your machine, does not demand a Werner Heisenberg level of brain. Most of them are just … ad-hoc …

Learning dozens of computer languages of different shapes and kinds, in a pre-pointer/structure way of mastering nothing, no little more than posto-hello-world, and then, putting them all, on your profile φ, as if you are polymath χ or something, is not a smart move at all. That just makes you look like /p/ in ψ. So to speak, I have to say:

Ω was right. They all are … ad-hoc …


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